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If you’re in the market for videos or animations, look no further. Here at The Duke & the Duck we love telling stories. We believe that absolutely everyone and everything is worth celebrating, and people tell us that our enthusiasm is infectious. If you hire us we will infect everyone who sees your video or animation with our unbridled enthusiasm for your story.
If you’re interested in telling your story in a way that appeals to the eyes of your audience (as well as to their hearts), The Duke and the Duck would be happy to take your money. Get in contact and we’ll light a campfire and start telling your story today.

Partners In Preservation

We were approached to help promote a contest for historic structures in the DC area.

Payday Loans

A short romp through the dubious world of payday loans


Sometimes animation doesn't have to be complex. Sometimes all it takes is a funny script.

A Sale is a Sale

Got a good argument for why online retailers should pay sales tax but no one wants to hear it? Make an animation. Their ears will perk right up.

Absolute vs Relative Economic Mobility

Animation is a great tool for explaining complex ideas. Watch this and let us know if you agree.

Voting Information Project

The Voting Information Project makes it easier for programmers to build tools to help voters. We made this video to help the project raise money and get more participants.

Make Congress Work

How do you get a bunch of political journalist and policy wonks to pay attention to a new initiative? Make a cartoon!

Retirement: Realities vs. Expectations

Academic data visualization doesn't have to be boring!


Need to make text content do more on your website? ReadSpeaker automatically converts all text to audio and we love what we were able to do for them.

Transit 101

The Chicago RTA wanted to get more suburbanites to use public transportation and found that many of them didn't know how. We created this video to teach them.

The Digital Outreach Team

The Digital Outreach Team at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs wanted a video to let people in their bureau know about all the great services they offer. We created this video to get the word out.


Orthocare Innovations have developed the first prosthetic devices that can be controlled via smartphone. They wanted a video that was equally cutting edge and we like to think we delivered.

Contact us!
We can’t wait to get started turning your story into the sight & sound extravaganza you always knew it should be, so get in touch right now with the form below. We promise that you will NOT be harassed by any sales badgers. Hell, we may even send you to someone else if we don’t think we are the best solution for your needs.